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Our company

About the company

Comptabilité JP Bédard Inc (CJPBA) is committed to its mission of providing professional, courteous and affordable accounting and tax services across Canada, in both official languages! In full expansion, the company offers its services 100% remotely via its online portal!

Over the years, CJPBA has worked in several Canadian provinces, enabling its team to hone its tax skills and perfect its knowledge. CJPBA specializes in personal taxation (T1, T3, self-employed and budget planning) and corporate accounting (T2, bookkeeping, taxes and payroll). CJPBA is committed to integrity, professionalism and competence in its dealings with all clients.

After all, the best service is our future!

Our team


Jean-Philippe Bédard
Yoann Bernard
Alexandrine Kandem
Hélène Leclerc
Alexandre Gagnon
Érika Gagnon
Guillaume Gimaïel-Côté
Lucie Lefrançois
Tracy Varney
Xavier Courchesne


Cynthia Edoin
Lise Boudreault
Amanda Basilio
Mélanie Dubé
Nathalie Imbeault


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