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Our services for individuals

Our services for individuals

At CJPBA, we are 100% online

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Your one-stop solution for hassle-free tax filing. Say goodbye to complex paperwork and long queues at tax offices.

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    Maximizing tax credits

    Find out about the tax credits available to individuals before you file your tax return! Find out more!

    RRSP or future tax simulation

    How much should I invest in my RRSPs? Is a TFSA better? Make an appointment with one of our experts to get your simulation!

    Self-employed session

    Coaching sessions designed for the self-employed on a variety of topics, including personal income tax, eligible expenses, source deductions, commodity taxes and more!

    Help with ARC and RQ

    It’s possible to deal with the CRA or RQ on your own, but calling in outside help can make your job a whole lot easier! We can help!