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Our softwares

To better serve our customers, we currently offer four different accounting software packages that use different technologies and processes to suit our customers’ needs.

Our software is not included in our hourly rate, so you can choose the right software for your budget and needs.

Each software package is invoiced once a year, on the invoice issued in December.

New customer

Current customer

We’ll take the annual rate of the chosen software and calculate the amount to be invoiced on a pro-rata basis for the remaining months of use up to December 31 of the current year. Are you currently using a different accounting software package?

Let us know, and we’ll consider the various options for integrating it into our software suite.


We’ll take the annual rate you’ve paid and reimburse you a

pro rata for the months of use.



  • Possibility of connecting your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Tracking sales and taxes
  • Availability of payroll software ($ supplement)
  • Customer credit cards accepted for a fee
  • Inventory tracking (depending on software version selected)
  • Automatic mileage tracking
  • Manage, personalize and send invoices to customers with credit card payment option

  • Multiple applications can be connected
  • Fully cloud-based
  • Real-time tracking of income and expenses
  • Easy reconciliation of your bank and credit card accounts
  • Multiple users (depending on software version selected)
  • Direct link with your accountant
  • Do your own bookkeeping
  • Best price if you purchase the software directly from your accounting firm

    We recommend this software to managers and entrepreneurs who want to take an active role in their company's accounting, or to those who use applications offering direct interaction with the software to make the most of their time.

    What's more, this software offers the advantage of creating invoices at the point of sale or service via a smartphone application.


  • EasyStart version: $300.00 annually
  • Essentials version: $400.00 annually
  • Version Plus: $600.00 annually
  • Advanced version: $1,025.00 annually
  • SAGE


  • Invoices sent to customers from the accounting office, including credit card payment options
  • Payroll services with automatic transfer from your bank account ($ supplement)
  • Pay your suppliers directly from the software ($ supplement)
  • Inventory and service management

  • High-performance software for companies of all sizes
  • Ability to accept credit card payments with Stripe
  • Comprehensive, sophisticated payroll software
  • Easy reconciliation of your bank and credit card accounts

    We recommend this software for those who want to have little or no involvement in their company's accounting management. This software is one of the most flexible and efficient for small and medium-sized businesses.

    With this software, you'll be able to analyze your budget with detailed reports tailored to your situation. You'll also be able to connect your bank account to the software, so you can pay your suppliers and employees directly from the software.

    A cloud-based version is available.


  • Standard version: $ 250.00 annually
  • Cloud version: On request

    Our software and installations rigorously comply with cybercrime requirements. That’s our top priority!

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