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Firstly, on behalf of the whole team, we’d like to wish you a happy new year 2024. After a well-deserved break, our tax and accounting team has been back in the office since January 8, 2024!


Please note that, after several surveys, the newsletter will now be produced randomly, depending on new developments and changes to individuals. There’s still time to contribute to your RRSP. This year, the deadline is February 29, 2024. Would you like an estimate of your tax return? Just contact us!


For individuals, the deadline for filing your 2023 income tax return is April 30, 2024, while for self-employed workers, it’s June 15, 2024. Note that interest charges begin on April 30, 2024, for any balance due, including self-employed individuals.


The CJPBA team

In 2023, the FHSA, designed to enable individuals to save for the purchase of their first property, was introduced.

Since 2023, a new refundable tax credit of up to $ 7,500 has been available for expenses incurred to convert a multigenerational dwelling housing a person aged 65 or over or an adult eligible for the disability tax credit.

Since 2023, the deduction for the purchase of new tools for tradespeople has been increased from $ 500 to $ 1,000.

Since 2023, profit from the disposition of a residential building (including a rental building) held for less than 12 months is deemed to be income from a business, so it is taxable at 100% (rather than 50% in the case of a capital gain).

As of October 1, 2022, eligible families earning less than $90,000 per year can receive the Interim Canadian Dental Benefit for dental care for a child under age 12.

Starting in 2024, the AMT calculation will be revised to target high-income individuals. The rate will be increased and the income base will be broadened. At the same time, the basic exemption of $40,000 will be raised to an amount equivalent to the lower threshold of the fourth federal tax bracket (estimated at $173,000 for 2024).

Since 2023, tax credits for volunteer firefighters and search and rescue volunteers have been increased from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.

The tax credit for the support of seniors has been enhanced, retroactive to 2022.

The tax credit for seniors’ activities is eliminated for expenses incurred after 2022.

As of 2024, the maximum age for claiming a QPP pension will be raised from 70 to 72. At the same time, workers will cease to contribute to the QPP as of January 1 of the year in which they reach age 73, and as of age 65, they will be able to choose to stop contributing if they are already a QPP or CPP annuitant.


Find more information on how to submit your documentation for your 2023 tax return using the links below. We will begin receiving 2023 tax returns on February 12, 2024.


As part of our commitment to our customers, we have decided to offer a Webinar on January 29, 2024, at 7:30 pm (Eastern Time). Topics will include:

  • Tax News 2023
  • Submitting your documents securely via the online portal
  • Registering for federal and provincial government online portals

Would you like to take part in this event? Please CLICK HERE to confirm your attendance so that we can send you a Teams link a few days before the event.



For those of you who have accounting or government rebates (GST/QST or DAS) to provide, please send us your documentation as soon as possible so that it can be processed as quickly as possible. This will be a great help to us in the weeks to come when we’re faced with heavy demand. Please note that the deadline for avoiding interest charges on any outstanding balance is April 30, 2024! Find out more!


This year, we’ve opted for word-of-mouth promotion to attract new customers! We’ve increased our referral discount to $ 7.50 per referral for individuals, and to $ 250 for companies who do business with us for more than twelve months. Our customers’ satisfaction is closely linked to the quality of our service, which is why they refer to us! Find out more!


At Comptabilité JP Bédard inc. customer service is our priority! Without compromise! If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our services, or wish to bring a situation to our attention, please contact our customer service department and describe your problem so that we can help you.

Your e-mail will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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Kevin Dubois
Lire plus
Really good service and helps you all the way through if you have any questions!
Art Arsenault
Lire plus
Very impressed with the professional service that I received. Highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to have their taxes completed. Thank you.
Benjamin Bruser
Lire plus
I’ve used JP for the past few years for income tax. He gets you the best return for much cheaper than big firms like H&R Block, and is awesome with technology! Highly recommend for your 2020 return and onward 😎💰…
Andrew Leclerc
Lire plus
Really quick, effective and courteous. Was a blast dealing with them. Strongly recommend this company
Andrew Paquette
Lire plus
It was easy and clear process. I got updates every step of the way. I highly recommend their services.
Peter Rainey
Lire plus
Was a first time customer this year, the team are friendly, personable, professional and I had my refund very quickly. Would refer them to anyone and will be a customer next year again.


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